Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sugar Fast Day it normal to feel like stabbing people??

...The answer would be yes.
I have given up cane sugar for a week...kind of...I'm really sucking at it though. The idea is to retrain my taste buds so that I don't crave sugar as often, to eat more whole foods, and if weight loss is a side effect I would not mind that one bit. I've also started "The 30 Day Shred".
What prompted all of this?
Well my birthday is coming up, and I kind of loath my birthday. Adult birthdays suck monkeys, it's like the calendar is mocking me...
"You're older", it whispers
"and bigger than last year"......

I have some issues.

Beyond that, the fact that everyone insists on preceding the word "birthday" with the word "happy" is like a cruel joke. Maybe it would be happy if it weren't a reminder that I have spent another year thousands of miles away from my closest friends, but I just don't see the point in celebrating*. Other holidays don't do this to me, most are a celebration of love, or family, or the birth of Jesus, these are things I can get behind. Birthday cards might as well read "You're one year closer to adult diapers, and mandatory colonoscopies"...yes!!! Woo-hoo, party down. Someone break out the champagne.
Anyhoo...Back to the sugar fast thingie
I figure regardless of my views on birthdays there will be phone calls, and facebook messages, and cards, reminding me of the anniversary of my entrance to this world, and if nothing else I want to feel healthy and fit when I turn twenty five....for the third time.

* especially when "celebrating" in Mommy Land usually means sleeping an extra hour, and baking myself a cake....oooh the excitement.

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