Monday, January 11, 2010


...AKA let's clear out the crisper....
The hubster got me a food processor for Christmas and this is the first recipe I used it for. It cut down on my prep time A LOT. I see a large number of soups, and purees, and latkes in my future.

Here's what you need...

For the pancakes
2 potatoes
3 zucchini
2 onions
Get thrown into the food processor on shred...or you could stand for hours in front of a hand grater shaking your fist at me for even suggesting this recipe, when really you should stop shaking your fist because that is making it take even longer, and it is really not safe to try and grate food with one hand. Not to mention how much those onions are going to hurt your oh man I wouldn't want to be you by the end of it with a hand cramp and all those tears running down your face with the burning, and the stinging of the onion and such...
anyhoo...the choice is yours
In a separate bowl mix...
1 1/4 cups pancake mix
1/2ish cup of milk
2 eggs
salt, pepper, and garlic salt to taste.
Then stir in the veggies
This should NOT be soupy, keep in mind that veggies come in different sizes you will probably have to adjust the pancake mix to flour what you gotta do. Heap these bad boys onto your griddle with an ice cream scooper and cook them until they are golden brown, flipping once.*

For the sauce
1/2 cup of yogurt
1-4 cloves garlic...I think I used like 5 but I really really really like garlic
2 tbsp chopped cilantro
dash or two of garlic salt
stir it all together and let sit until you are done cooking.
The End

*P.S. Do as I say, not as I do. I am a chronic flipper, I can't help myself.

P.P.S. Sorry about the picture, apparently I can't photograph food. I played around with the tint and saturation a lot...I just couldn't make these look as good as they tasted.

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  1. These sound delightful! love your blog. I also have a blog. it occasionally has recipes (lately those have been less frequent due to the move and the beginning of the year fast, which will be over next week. (I making evil, awful for you, delightful chocolate oatmeal bars and a twice baked potato casserole for the Love Feast the church is having)) , mostly its about me attempting to be a grown-up. -Josc


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