Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My First Blog

I can think of a thousand reasons* why I should not start a blog. If I was a good blogger I would take this space to tell you the overall idea/goal of this blog.........but I don't have either of those things (reason number one).

2.) I am no good at spelling, if it were not for the saving grace of those wavy red lines everything I type would be pure gibberish.

3.) My spelling skillz (as ridiculously bad as they are) are nowhere near as bad as my grammar. I throw commas in where I see fit, sometimes a few extra, if, I'm not quite sure where they should go. I am addicted to parenthesis, sometimes I use parenthesis inside of parenthesis, I find them quite amusing.

4.) I would like to maintain some anonymity with this blog, and I am not sure if that is even possible in blog land. With my unique brand of humor I am not sure how long my mild mannered alter ego would be kept a secret.............surely there are other SAHMs forced to relocate to the south who know the value of a well timed "your Mom" joke?

5.) I can't imagine doing this for more than six months without getting sued, I am not so up to date on libel laws, and I tend to go on rants.

6.) I can't imagine doing this for more than six months and actually having anything to talk about, it all comes back to cookies, Tina Fey, and potty training (When you become a Mom you increase your knowledge of poop 100 fold (see there are those parenthesis I was talking about)).

So there you have it.............and yet, with a mere click of a button, I become a blogger. Etching forever into the vastness of cyberspace my two..........albeit sometimes nonsensical and rather unimportant cents.

* Reason 8....I exaggerate........a lot...I can think of nowhere near a thousand reasons not to start a blog, I couldn't even think of ten.
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