Thursday, January 21, 2010

Chocolate Covered Almond (butter) Sandwich

We bought some almond butter today for half price....
It is about to go bad.
However I have a few recipes in mind that I have been wanting to try out so now I have the chance to do just that.

Chocolate Covered Almond(butter) Sandwich
Chocolate Covered Almond(butter) French Toast

There is no picture for this recipe...they were eaten too fast for my camera to catch on film. I will try again later.

2 slices whole wheat bread
almond butter
chopped up dark chocolate

Do I really need to put directions here? You all are intelligent people right? You know how to make a sandwich don't you? You put the almond butter and chocolate on the bread and you grill it like a grilled cheese sandwich, but instead of cheese it's dark, melty, creamy, chocolaty goodness and it's healthy, even if it isn't low cal. To make it vegan, just make sure that your bread and chocolate is vegan. To give it even more calories, dip the sandwich into French toast batter before cooking, and then sprinkle it with a mixture of cocoa powder, raw sugar, and a wee bit o cinnamon.

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