Sunday, January 17, 2010

Creamy Sweet Potato Curry with Lentils

Sweet potatoes used to really gross me out. I've had them butchered in more ways than I care to recall. However, I read in a book that they were super healthy and oh so good for women to eat, and I decided I would try them in different recipes until I liked them. I found that not only did I like sweet potatoes in sweet recipes like sweet potato casserole with pecan struessel, but I enjoyed them even more so (and could eat a surprising amount of them) when added to savory dishes like this curry. I was quite tired when I made this so while I tried to keep track of how much of this and that I was adding, I just couldn't keep my mind on the task at hand, most of these ingredients can be adjusted to taste.

2 tbs Olive oil
dash o' salt
1/4 cup curry paste (Indian style)
dash o' cayenne
5 cloves crushed garlic
1 tbs minced fresh ginger
3 cups COOKED lentils
5 roasted sweet potatoes (skins removed, and mashed)
1 can coconut milk
some veggie broth to thin

Heat the olive oil in the skillet and add the curry paste, stirring until it is evenly dispersed. Add the garlic, ginger, and dash of salt heating over medium and stirring until fragrant (about a minute to two minutes). Add cayenne and lentils and lower heat, stirring until mixed thoroughly. Stir in sweet potatoes, and coconut milk, adding broth to thin to desired consistency. Serve over brown rice.

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  1. ok you're making me even hungrier than a water only day already has. I must try this once im cooking again! you rock!


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