Saturday, January 16, 2010

We Aint Got No Money Hunny Split Pea Soup

A few years ago the hubster and I gave up using credit cards. It was a difficult decision to make seeing as we live so annoyingly far away from our families and family like friends. It was always very easy to justify using credit cards for travel, a new pair of pants, new dresser, or other things we "needed". It has been so neat learning to live within our means, because even though there have been times that were more difficult than others we have always had our needs met. Anyhoo that's another blog for another day...
This soup was the product of a more difficult week where rather than break out the credit cards I decided to rummage through our pantry to see what I could come up with for us to eat. It's super simple, but tasty. I'm not sure if it tastes like real split pea soup, since I don't think I have ever had any, but it is made from peas so...

1 bag green split peas
1 packet ranch seasoning (on the East Coast we have a brand of organic
1/8 tsp pepper (or to taste)
garlic salt, salt, and dill to taste
4-6 cups water

You just dump all of the ingredients in your crock-pot for about four hours on low, stirring occasionally and adding water if the peas aren't covered. Voila. You can fancy this up a bit with some sour cream, baco bits, and cheese, I sometimes add a bit of evaporated milk to the kiddos servings for extra calories.

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