Sunday, May 9, 2010

Spicy BBQ Tempeh Sandwich and Garlic oven Fries

This was my Mother's Day special dinner.....that I made for myself. I had a wonderful Mother's day, unlike my birthday the celebration of being a Mama is one I can truly get excited about. I am so thankful to have my two little ones in my life, they bring me so much joy and I love watching them grow.

I awoke in the morning to coffee and cards made by my dear little ones (with some help from Daddy). Inside he had captured everything that they had wanted to say to me, from my son....
"Mine, Mine, color, Mama, Mama, all done"
and just a small excerpt from my daughters card
"I love my Mommy because she makes me think of love, and wiggling my fingers".
She is such her Mother's daughter, I too love wiggling my fingers. :)
When Daddy asked what she thought I wanted for Mother's day there was no hesitation at all, "A sock puppet!" she proudly exclaimed. And sock puppets are what I got. Made with love by my beautiful unique little girl.

Anyhoo back to the meal. I didn't really measure, so I can't give you a real recipe. However if you are familiar with cooking and like to fuss around a bit with recipes anyway, I can give you the gist of this.

For the tempeh, I sliced it and pan fried it in some pam, turning once until it was golden brown. Then I added a mixture of BBQ sauce, hot sauce, and cayenne, lowered the heat, and let the sauce reduce and be absorbed by the tempeh.
I sliced the ciabatta bread. Then I brushed it with garlic butter, added mozzarella cheese and toasted it, before adding the spinach and tempeh.

The oven fries are simply sliced and roasted potatoes until golden brown or until you are so hungry you can't stand it anymore....check out my picture and see if you can figure out which one I did. :) Then tossed with a mixture of olive oil, garlic, salt, and pepper. Then sprinkled with parmesean cheese.

I think this is a wonderful introduction to tempeh, if you have never had it before....well and if you like BBQ sauce.

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