Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rest in rice cooker

Today is a very sad day. Today marks the end of my Rival rice cooker. I loved my Rival rice cooker. I have had it for about two years, but because we used it every other day (if not every day) I am sure we got about ten years of normal people use out of the thing. For fifteen bucks you really can't ask for much more. Yes those Rival rice cookers are quite the deal. And it didn't even really break, I just managed to scratch the non-stick surface with my

OK, so I am saying "Rival rice cooker" a lot, I know. I am not going to lie. I not so secretly hope they send me a free could happen. But in all seriousness, I am very disappointed. And in the event that I don't receive a package of free goodies from Rival I will go out and buy a new one....from a store...sigh. Because I had big plans for my rice cooker, she and I were going to hit the road together...see the world (or at least California). "Rice Cooker on the Road"....ya, we could have been famous.

It really makes perfect sense to take a rice cooker on the road when you think about it. Rice travels well, you can mix in other non perishable items like lentils and boxed veggie broth to make healthy meals where ever you go. Plus rice cookers are easy clean up, and my Rival even steamed veggies! I'm done plugging Rival....for now. But maybe if you all click on one of the several links I have provided the people down at Rival will be like "Whoa, look at this out of 5,000 visits today six were from this blog". Then they will come to my blog and be blown away by my wit and charm. And then they will have to send me a new rice cooker....


P.S. My camera broke so.....Cannon....hey a girl can dream

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  1. That is so sad. :( I'd be lost without my rice cooker as well. You should write them, tell them you have a blog, explain the situation and let them know you'd gladly advertise for them via going a giveaway or something.


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