Saturday, May 22, 2010

Grilled Asparagus Sandwich...

This is a grilled asparagus sandwich with garlic-ginger butter mozzarella and balsamic vinegar....but really that is much too long of a title for a blog, so "grilled asparagus sandwich" it is! This is my consolation for my husband never being home. He works very long hours, on a good day (that he is working) I might see him for three hours. On a bad day I "see" him for about twenty minutes, which is usually long enough for him to do crowd control so that I can take a shower. Some days, though we live together, I don't even see him at all. And today...on his day off...he is working at the local food bank. Have I mentioned my husband is Ahhhmazing? I try not to complain, because really it could be worse. He is here, living with me, and about once or twice a year we go on a daaa, deeeeeee, diiiiii....what's that word again...oh yes a "date".

Also it's hard to feel bitter and angry when your husband is defending our freedom while at work, and feeding the hungry in his time off. In an effort to dwell on the positive I have compiled a small list of things that are good about his absences. One would be how grateful we are after a long week apart, one would be watching chick flicks and other such movies that would normally provoke groans, sighs, and him eventually changing the netflix password....again.
Lastly, this sandwich. My husband doesn't like asparagus....

....or so I thought...
...until I wrote this blog...and read it to him.
And he said, "No honey, I like asparagus"...
So I must have been confused, which I must confess isn't too surprising.

For the sake of believing that this sandwich is another tally on the "things that I enjoy while the hubster is away" list, I am going to pretend he never said that. You can too...
that's really not a suggestion.

I grilled the asparagus, brushed it with olive oil, and sprinkled it with salt about half way through.
I Spread some garlic-ginger butter on ciabatta bread, added slices of mozzarella cheese. Once the asparagus was fully cooked I added it to the sandwich...*...drizzled balsamic vinegar over the whole thing, and took a really bad picture with my cell phone.
It was delicious!

* insert: arranged the bread so you can't tell that I burned the heck out of it


  1. David and I have had a very similar conversation about asparagus, I too was under the impression he didn't like it. apparently he does. I turned it around and put the, its great to still learn something new about him after 10 years spin on can do that too.

  2. How funny. Yes it is nice to learn new things after all this time, also nice to cook asparagus freely! It is so good in pasta!


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