Thursday, March 4, 2010

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

I am excited about this. Are you excited? I just hope I can persuade the old rabbit ears into giving us reception for the show. I watched the TED award speech Jamie Oliver gave, and it really moved me. I had a very sappy blog planned out, complete with mission statements on how I plan to conquer the world via teaching my children about sustainable farming and the importance of fiber. However, I got about half way through it and I could hear my son whimpering in the background, he had some blood drawn today so I suspect he might be having a nightmare...not to mention the fact that I can't see my cursor anymore....where the heck did that thing go? So I will leave you with this....I am excited to see how this show plays out. Jamie seems passionate about getting our kids healthy, and that is something I can totally get behind.


  1. Thank you for telling me about the show! High five for sustainable farming and fabulous fiber!!


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