Monday, February 8, 2010

Post Super Bowl Food Hangover + Q&A

I ate too much on Sunday, and I felt like crap all Monday long. I really do feel better when I stay away from junk why do I eat it...even once a year, I'm compulsive.

Note to self: Next year, don't sit next to chips and dip.

I did make some vegetarian fare to bring to the event, a pesto and roma tomato pizza, and some stuffed mushrooms, but I sat next to the french onion dip, and that's my own dang fault. I did however have a revelation of sorts halfway into cutting my tomatoes. I realized my kids are going to be socially awkward.....perhaps cripplingly so if we don't get out of the deep south. Not just because my DD (at three) begs to watch Star Trek, or because we have a large number of aspies in the family, but also because she will be the kid who's mom brings a vegan option to the Super Bowl, and always smells like garlic.......sigh. It probably won't help either that I continue to use slang from the early nineties....yo.

So for next year more BBQ sauce, less flax seed. Still healthy, but perhaps more deceptively so. As I'm sure every mother of children with allergies feels, I just want them to not feel left out.

On to the Q&A portion of the blog:

Is your sugar fast over?
Yes, it ended here.

Did you cheat?
I may have popped a few of DS's Cheerios in my mouth, before I realized they had sugar in them...but no chocolate, no desserts, even when the Fam decided to eat ice cream I held firm.

Did you lose weight? week without sugar, exercising every day, I lost a whopping 1.2lbs....woo....hoo...

Any other side effects?
My headaches went away, and I lost that afternoon slump feeling. Both were unexpected, but welcome changes.

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