Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lentil Croquettes

We are about to spend 450 dollars on a plumber. It is going to be ok though, because I will just take it from our food budget for the month.....let's see...
wait a minute, let me do the math.....
Yes, we will still have -50 dollars for groceries....



And my husbands birthday is coming up....

double craw fish.

Ever have a month like this? We will actually be ok, the money will come out of our emergency fund. However, I like to replace that fund as quickly as possible. So I am hoping to cut down on our grocery bill this month in order to pay our savings back.

One of the recipes I turn to when money is tight is lentil croquettes. They are filling, tasty, and cheap. You can dress them up with Indian spices, or sauces, such as tomato chutney.

Lentil croquettes are basically caramelized onions, lentils and bread crumbs shaped into patties. The full recipe is from the book "Vegetarian Cooking for everyone". I think this book is another must have. It's really quite fantastic. So once again I have no recipe (sorry) or picture.....all I have is this horrible heat induced migraine and a cup of chamomile tea...mmmmm.

Perhaps while I'm recovering you could keep yourself busy by telling me your favorite super cheap go to when you have to drop half a thou on pipes of all the stupid things, when what you really need is pants that fit.....hmmmm....just tell me about your favorite cheap dinner. :)

Or you could check out some of my other posts that include recipes and are some of my faves!


  1. Hope the headache gets better! Potato Soup comes to mind when I was feeding people on a shoe string. I put carrots and other veggies in mine.
    It was good and at one time potatoes were cheap. Of course when times really got lean there was always 'stone soup'.

  2. Potato soup sounds fantastic, thanks for the idea grace.

  3. I'm definitely going to try these lentil croquettes!I'm trying to get more creative in the kitchen! When times get lean around my house it's PB&J! No very creative, but true!
    By the way, I found you through the Going Going Gone Green blog:)

  4. They are really tasty. I hope you like them. Thanks for stopping by. :)

  5. Good thing that you HAVE an emergency fund! Otherwise you'd be eating mac and cheese & ramen noodles for the month!

    Hope the headache gets better soon, I get them a lot so I know what you're going through!


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