Monday, August 9, 2010

Giveaway reminder and a Momentous Occasion

If you haven't entered my giveaway yet click here. Time is running out for that 40$ gift card!

In other news, I have arrived! To commemorate this occasion (I'll let you know what it is at the end of the blog) I would like to do a brief overview of other such important moments in my writing *ehem* career.

1.) At the age of six, I write a poem detailing the horrors of school cafeteria lunches and win an award. I get to read the poem aloud at assembly, laughter and general mayhem ensues.

2.) At nine I write a poem on the waves of the ocean, I win the state writing contest and am published at last.

3.) dark period, various disturbing short stories that end in death or demonic possession.(seriously though who let me read Stephen King as a preteen?) I am the envy of my peers......or at least that's how I remember it.

4.) At twelve I turn back to my comedic roots and write a series of comic books entitled "Super Pickle" wherein our heroic leader DP (dill pickle) defeats the evil villain, a cheesy poof that closely resembles Elvis. Once again, the envy of my peers. And though my teacher notes that "a writing journal should not be used as a sketch book", I know deep down she was laughing.

5.) In my teen years I pretty much went back to the dark crap, but in poetry form, and with a lot more angst. There were no awards...and alas, even I can not pretend that there was anyone envious of me.

Which brings us to present day....

If you google "evil chocolate clown" my blog is at the top of the page! Exciting right? Pretty much anything that happens with this blog from now on will pale in comparison.

evil chocolate clown, evil chocolate clown, evil chocolate know, just in case I get competition.


  1. I am so behind on reading blogs, I obviously missed the name change!

    You know, this totally makes me want to do an entire post about evil chocolate clown now, right?

    My brother and I were talking once about an actor, he couldn't think of what movie he had been in, he couldn't think of his name, he just described him as a "creepy guy". So we googled "creepy actor" and sure enough, there he was. Steve Buscemi. The power of google!

  2. Ha,ha! It's on Debbie! ;)

    Oh and Steve Buscemi would have been my first guess if someone said "creepy actor", I do love him though.


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