Saturday, July 24, 2010

I'm Back!!!!

I just drove 55 hours with my family of four and boy are my nerves tired....*pause for sympathetic laughter at my attempt of a joke*.....

In all seriousness though, the trip went really well. The kids did very well. I was so proud of them on the road. I never thought a four year old and an eighteen month old would hold out that long. There were times where we had to book it and only stop for food and potty breaks, and they stayed busy and happy. We even went some days without using the DVD player. They colored, did crafts, sang along to their favorite songs and listened to books on tape.

Now let's talk about swag, and food...because I know that's why your well because you have to be...some of know who you are.

This is San Luis's the best sourdough ever. Bite me San Fransisco. ;) Actually I've never had San Fransisco sourdough, so I can't tell you 100%, but this stuff is still terrific. It's incredibly tangy, crusty, and is the perfect accompaniment to garlic butter. Their dinner rolls are the bomb diggity, but I couldn't find any while I was out there (super sad face). So I just brought home a loaf....or five.

This beautiful vinegar from Chaparral Gardens called to me from a wine store. I went in looking for something else, and I couldn't leave without this. It's fruity and sweet with just a hint of basil. So delish. It could easily be used on it's own as a dressing or a dip for a good bread (see above). I wanted to make something special though. So.....

I spread garlic butter onto a piece of sourdough bread and topped it with whole milk mozzarella cheese. I toasted it until the cheese was gooey and bubbly then piled on organic spring mix and drizzled it with the vinegar...we're talkin' good eats.
And of course when in wine country.

Quite possibly one of my favorite things that I brought home were these towels embroidered with pictures of herbs. They were made by my husbands aunt and I think they are fabulous.

I also brought back a list of foods that I was inspired to make on my trip. So stay tuned because those will be coming up shortly! Also worthy of note, I have read through this like three times and each time I have found more errors in I kind of give up.


  1. I adore the embroided towels. And the raspberry and basil vinegar appeals to me.

    You do have little stars with you, a long journey and they were good, super good in fact. I've travelled with some of my nephews and neices only on short trips to the supermarket and my gosh, what attention seekers they are.

    PS Don't worry about the grammar. Your writing a blog, not an essay :D

  2. Thank you Mangocheeks, I agree they are troopers.

    What a good reminder about the grammar!


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