Monday, October 31, 2011

Meal plan Monday

Well last week was a success, I stuck to the meal plan and everything went pretty well. The froggie face pizzas were a hit! My son insisted on giving his pizza a mask so that he could be a super frog (not pictured), and it looked not unlike a certain group of martial art using young adult turtles that I remember fondly from my youth. Perhaps when they are old enough to watch said show I'll make these again. Along with the food listed in last weeks meal plan I also made time to make a caramel apple spice cake, and two batches of empanadas which are now in my freezer....minus the one I had to make sure they would be suitable to eat. ;) on to this weeks vegetarian meal plan. I had some super fancy stuff planned out for this week, but then I realized that the holidays are fast approaching and I'd rather put money into our holiday meal, also there's all sorts of fun goodies to be baked around this time of year and I know that if I have a simple meal plan it will enable me to have time for that.

Monday- Leftovers!!! Leftover chili, cornbread casserole and broccoli. I might make some rice too.

Tuesday- Empanadas or tacos, I haven't decided yet, and succotash on the side.

Wednesday- Lentil croquettes and a spicy tomato dipping sauce. Maybe some roasted root veggies if I have time.

Thursday- leftovers if we have a eat free night at Earth Fare (I'm not so secretly secretly hoping we run out of leftovers and get to go to Earth Fare, I know the kids are too). Make chickpeas

Friday- Falafel Friday! Falafel in a pita pocket with leafy greens chopped cucumber and a spicy sauce.

Saturday- Pumpkin stuffed jumbo shells with a creamy sun dried tomato sauce. I'm making a double batch to freeze. (Soak black beans)

Sunday- For lunch white bean sandwiches with sun dried tomato aioli, and for dinner black bean taquitos with a creamy tamatillo dipping sauce.

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  1. ok I'm currently in love with empanadas, and I'm being lazy. have you put a recipe on here before? or shall I google. what do you put in yours? also how difficult/easy are falafel?

    oh and I fixed the not being able to comment bit, I had accidentally clicked "do not allow comments" doh!

  2. Hooray for being able to comment!

    I've never posted a recipe for empanadas but I can totally do that if you want. It's a lot of work only because you have to make the crust, and for me it's really not worth it unless I'm making a big batch to freeze. They are ever so tasty though. Falafel is not too hard, about the same as any unmeatball. I also like to make extra falafel, they make a great lunch the next day.

  3. Well this is just neater than peanut butter. Not only do I get great recipes now....I know no longer have to think of what to cook because I'm just going to start borrowing your meal plan.


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