Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Movie and Some Fun Food

Meet Tim. Tim was very tasty. Last Sunday the kids were recovering from a cold, so we had to stay in (because they like to take it upon themselves to build other children's immunity by licking walls and nibbling furniture). We watched "Turtle: The Incredible Journey", and made some fun food.

I think there is a misconception that kids who eat healthy foods are missing out. Yes. They are. Missing out on chemical flavorings, preservatives, and food dyes that can all have scary side effects (including allergic reactions in our family) on their little bodies. Missing out on fun? Never. Sure, I may have to be more creative. It takes a little more work to make fun foods from scratch. But we still do have fun. We don't sit around moping about what we can't eat in this house, we make it work for us. Like Mr. Turtle here. He is simply a double crust recipe of pizza dough, formed into balls, and then shaped into a turtle. I baked him for about 20 minutes at 350, then I pulled him out and brushed him with garlic, and olive oil. I sprinkled him with a little salt and stuck him back in the oven until he started to brown. Then we slathered him with pesto and my daughter ate his head. Good times. I think I probably would have made Tim here even if I didn't have kids because he is a.) tasty, and b.) I have the maturity of a five year old, things like fun food just make me happy.


  1. things shaped like other things! this sounds super dupery yummy

  2. Thanks ladies. :) It was yummy.

  3. Just realized you posted this on D's 5th birthday, he would have loved to tear Mr. Turtle's arms off & dip him in Marinara here.


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