Wednesday, December 9, 2009

...So....about that blog thing...

Seeing as it has been two months I guess it's time for another blog...I mentioned I'm no good at this right? I figure since I devoted my first blog to reasons I shouldn't blog I should give you an idea why I am starting this.
1.)All my friends are doing it, I figure this can't end as badly as the time I decided to try going blond.
2.)I get lonely sometimes, and as much as I try to convince myself otherwise, bringing a latte to my therapy sessions does not give me liberty to call it a coffee date.
3.) I need a place for my webic* (see above (click on it for bigness))). My webics are only slightly less frequent then my blogging, however I feel I should have a place to put them.

*Webic, a phrase I coined since I am now an internet sensation. It's short for web comic, but I like it better because when you say it, it kind of sounds like you are saying "epic". Hopefully this will catch on faster than "Chandlerizing" another word I came up with, more on that later.

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